The Whitefish

A unique name tag for your unique Canine. This simple accessory is fashionable and functional, proving that pet ID tags don't need to be plain to be useful! Choose from our huge selection of design stamps to customize this tag!

  • Stamped clearly with your pet's name
  • Option to add contact information on the back
  • Includes a key-ring for collar attachment
  • 14 gauge metal (1.63mm thick) 
  • Made in the U.S.A

Canine Habits tags are stamped, sanded, colored, shaped, and polished completely by hand. 

About this tag:

Gunner tag is a 7/8-inch brass disc stamped with the "proper mountain range" font. Kettu tag is 7/8-inch diamond and Adder tag is 1-inch square, both with "uppercase gone fishing" font. Customize with a fun design stamp and your choice of font, as well as size, shape, and metal! 

Size Guide
  • 7/8 inch -- 22.23mm -- the size of a nickel
  • 1 inch -- 25.4mm -- the size of a quarter
  • 1 1/4 inch -- 31.75mm -- a little larger than a silver dollar
  • XL tags are only available in 1 1/4" brass discs