Design Stamp Upgrades

Can't find a design that fits your dog? We have a solution!

The listed designs are premade stamps that are not yet in the Canine Habits toolkit. But we don't need to let that hold us back! 

By purchasing one (or more) of these options, you allow us to add your selected stamp to our toolkit. Your selected design will be special ordered and then stamped on to your pet's tag. It can be stamped by itself, or incorporated into another existing Canine Habits design. You can also upgrade with multiple designs, or together we can create a new tag design with these stamps and other stamps already in the Canine Habits toolkit

How to Order

Choose a tag from the store and add it to your cart.

Use this page to add the design(s) you want to your cart.

If the design isn't simply taking the place of another on the selected tag, please describe where you'd like it stamped, or get in touch with me at

If the design says "Added" and isn't in the dropdown list, it has been added to my toolkit and it can be stamped on any tags at no additional charge!

Recommended Tags

The Calgary  The Bend  The Anchorage  The Pomona

The Saratoga  The Irvine  The Fairfax

Please Note

Design stamp upgrade fees are only paid once per design, no matter how many tags you want them on.

Once a design is purchased, other customers will be able to purchase tags with the design on them, and future Canine Habits tags may include these designs.

If you would like to purchase the physical design stamp and have it shipped with your tag, please contact me for pricing