Leather Goods FAQ

Ordering and Product Details

What is the difference between "ready to ship" and "custom" leather goods?

Ready to ship items are shipped as-is while custom items are made to order based on customer specifications. 

What happens if leather gets wet?

When leather gets wet water molecules and the oils in the leather bind together. As the leather dries out, the oils are drawn out with the water leaving you with brittle leather. 

Although all Canine Habits leather goods are conditioned, they are not waterproof. If your item gets wet, we recommend the following care procedure:

Lightly dry off any excess water and let the product dry naturally (flat, with no external heater). When the item is still slightly damp, apply a moderate layer of leather conditioner all over the piece and gently massage it into the leather. Allow it to dry for several hours before using again.

Do I need to do anything to care for my leather goods?

Collars and leashes tend to pick up all kinds of dirt and oils from their environment. Even the cleanest dogs still produce oils, which will build up on leather and will attract dirt. Leather can be brushed off lightly with a soft lightly damp cloth (don't soak it) to keep it clean. It is also recommended to clean your leather goods once or twice a year with a leather cleaner - don't use cleaners not made specifically for leather. We recommend cleaning and then conditioning your leather at the same time so it does not dry out.


Returns, Replacements, and Cancellations

Can I return Canine Habits leather goods?

Leashes and collars can be returned but must be returned in unworn condition. Refunds will be given once the item has been received by Canine Habits. Shipping costs and expenses cannot be refunded. Custom items are subject to a $5 restocking fee. 

If you wish to return an item, please email us at kelsey@caninehabits.com prior to returning.


I made a mistake on my order, but my order has already shipped!

Don't worry, we all make mistakes sometimes! You can ship the item back to me and I will make you a replacement for a $5 fee plus shipping - OR - you can keep the item and I will offer a 25% discount off of a second item.

There is a mistake on my order but I entered everything correctly.

Please send an email to kelsey@caninehabits.com

I got my order but it didn't turn out how I was hoping.

I always encourage customers to contact me or include specific details about their orders whenever possible. Although I always try to match my products to the display designs, these are handmade items and no two items will be identical. Sometimes I need to make placement adjustments due to the requested customizations. Occasionally customers make requests that aren't feasible with the given space and materials and I need to change things. That being said, I want to provide my customers with products that live up to their expectations. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let me know and we will work together to fix any issues. Please keep in mind that depending on the item, a reprint or restocking fee may apply.