Font Choices


You also may have noticed that I have some unique fonts on my tags. Again, I’m limited to premade metal stamp sets, but one of the upgrades I made to my business were some premium, unique fonts that other stamped pet tags stores don’t have.

These fonts can’t be altered (so I’m unable to make them larger or smaller), but I have flexibility in spacing, alignment, and position on the tags.

  1. Primary school
  2. Indie
  3. Fairytale
  4. Annabelle
  5. Mountain range – all uppercase
  6. Mountain range – all lowercase
  7. Mountain range – proper (first letter capitalized)
  8. Gone fishing – all uppercase
  9. Gone fishing – all lowercase
  10. Gone fishing – proper
  11. Old fashioned – all uppercase
  12. Old fashioned – all lowercase
  13. Old fashioned – proper
  14. Melody


The "Königfont:

This font is wider than other fonts, which makes for a thicker but more shallow imprint. It is possible the darkened areas will wear away faster than with other fonts.

For tags with the Konig font selected, a different font will be used on the back of the tag for phone numbers, addresses, etc. This is because the Konig font requires more force to stamp and it will ruin the front of the tag to stamp an entire phone number with it.

 custom stamped metal pet tag