Design Stamps

Design Stamps

Canine Habits has a large inventory of design stamps that can be used to customize your tag. Whether you want a simple tag with a name and design or you're purchasing a more detailed design and would like a cute accent design on the back with your contact info, let's work together to make the perfect tag for your pet!

These photos are not to scale, but for size reference, they are shown on 3/8-inch (9.5mm) tall brass bars.

Design stamps can be rotated, but cannot be flipped and size cannot be increased or decreased. 

Line 1: Big Wave, Little Waves

Line 2: Lighthouse, Anchor, Shell, Ship Wheel, Light Bulb

Line 3: Bow, Peace Sign, Spiral, Big Heart, Medium Heart, Small Heart, Shiny Heart

Line 4: Big Crescent Moon, Little Crescent Moon, Big Star, Medium Star, Solid Star, Tiny Star, North Star, Sun, Cloud

Line 1: Dragon, Snake, Sparrow

Line 2: Curled Fox, Fox Face, Bear, Howling Dog, Bison

Line 3: Little Antlers, Steer Skull, Fishbone, Bone, Feather, Honeycomb

Line 4: Big Paw, Funky Paw, Tiny Paw

 Line 1: Pineapple, Apple, Acorn

Line 2: Big Daisy, Tiny Daisy, Sunflower, Petunia, Dandelion Fluff, Plant Sprig, Leaf

Line 3: Compass Rose, Campfire, Camper

Line 4: Big Pine, Little Pine, Little Birch, Big Birch, Drawn Tree, Little Cactus, Big Cactus

Line 5: Big Mountain, Little Mountain, Mountain Sunrise



New Design Stamps

New design stamps are usually added a couple times a year based on customer suggestions and new designs available from design stamp manufacturers. 

If you are interested in adding a design that is not listed above, check out the Design Stamp Upgrade option or send an email to with details on the type of design you're interested in. 

The designs under the "design stamp upgrade" listing are designs that have been suggested by other customers (established demand = lower upgrade price). 

For less popular designs that are already available from our suppliers, the upgrade cost is usually $6-15 extra. 


Custom Design Stamps

In the event that a design isn't available from any suppliers, custom design stamps can be ordered. 

Pricing for custom design stamps is typically between $50-100.


Design stamp upgrade fees are only paid once per design, no matter how many tags you want them on.