Tag Design Options

Every Canine Habits tag and nameplate is hand stamped – letter by letter and number by number. This means that every tag will be slightly unique, and won’t have a “machined” look. I use a technique (and years of practice) to get everything aligned and straight as possible – but please just remember that everything is done by hand.

One of the benefits of stamping everything individually like this is that there are endless options for customizing. Design elements can be added, moved, or removed, or entirely new designs can be created with the stamps in my toolkit.


If you choose "pet's name only" from the drop-down menu, your purchase only includes the tag design and your pet's name. It doesn't include any additional information like a phone number, owner's name, address, etc. 

If you want to include your pet's name and a phone number plus an additional short line of information (12 characters or less) please select "name + two phone numbers". 

Tag Sizing Guide

Small Dog 7/8 inch Best for: Toy breeds, small dogs under 25lbs, and cats. A 7/8 inch disc is approximately the size of a US nickel. 

Medium Dog 1 inch Best for: Small to medium sized dogs, or larger short coated dogs. A 1 inch disc is about the size of a US quarter.

Large Dog 1 1/4 inch Best for: Dogs over 50 lbs and thick coated medium sized breeds.

Tag Shapes

 All Canine Habits tag designs can now be stamped on several tag shapes! Discs, diamonds (hole in corner), and squares are all available in 7/8 inch, 1 inch, and 1 1/4 inch sizes. The new hexagon tags are available in 1 inch and 1 1/4 inch sizes. 

pet id tag shapes

Metal Options

There are several options to choose from, which can all be seen throughout the store. Click here for a side by side comparison.

Design Stamps

Go check out the list of available design stamps, or consider ordering something from our list of design stamp "upgrades".

Font Choices

Canine Habits has the most varied and unique list of font stamps of any hand-stamped pet tag boutiques, including a few custom font sets. Customize your tag by choosing a font that your pet's name will be stamped in. 


While far less exciting, tag connectors are extremely important. After years of trying to determine which tag connectors are best, I realized that there is no one connector that every customer is happy with, so I now offer many standard and upgraded options to choose from. 

If you're looking for a simple answer for which connector to choose, select either the "stainless-" or "brass ring - 25mm only". If you'd like a more in-depth explanation of the different option, read through the "All About Tag Connectors" guide.


The Back of the Tag

Probably the most asked question of all time for my store is "can I have a phone number stamped on the back?"

The simple answer is, yes! 

Layout and Fonts

1 1/4-inch Tags:

The same font as the pet's name will be used for up to two lines of information on the back unless one of the lines is especially long. For longer lines of information or for more than 2 lines, the uppercase address font will be used by default.  

1-inch Tags:

The same font as the pet's name will be used for one phone number (10 numbers or less). For longer numbers or for more information, the uppercase address font will be used by default.  

7/8-inch Tags:

The uppercase address font will be used for any information stamped on the back. If a line of information is too long to fit in this font then a smaller font will be used, or the information may need to be abbreviated.

- -- - - -- -

Below is a 1-inch tag with the uppercase address font

And this would be typed out as:


041 rubicon trl

s. lake tahoe


(uppercase address font)


This is a 7/8-inch tag with the lowercase address font

So the way this would be typed out in your notes:

Info for back:

- chipped - 


033 stone ave

Seattle, wa

(lowercase address font)


And a 7/8-inch tag with a blend of the regular uppercase address font and the mini address font.

Typed out:

chipped (dot to either side)


050 s. revere ave

bend, or 97701




If you’re very specific about how you’d like everything stamped out, please just include all of your details during checkout. If you’d like to see your tag before I ship it, just mention that as well. This may create some delays in getting your tag shipped.