Monthly Favorites: Ten Instagram Dogs You Should Be Following

Monthly Favorites: Ten Instagram Dogs You Should Be Following

If you're like me, you can never get enough of the amazing photos of dogs on Instagram. We follow their lives and in some ways they feel like an extension of our own family. I've seen friendships form between dog owners who met on IG, and watched complete strangers offer up support and kind words when someone opens up and shares about a hardship. Technology does create a disconnect from the real world, but it also opens up the world in ways it never could have before internet and smartphones. 



@thebeauceronboys : Atreyu the Beauceron - a French herding breed and guard dog - was recently joined by Mowgli. 


@Ippo_Shiba_Gram : follow this dapper Shiba Inu's adventures and learn about the awesome products that he models!


@jasperthecowdog : Outstanding photos of a handsome Cattle Dog. If you love dog photography, don't miss this one!


@barbaradecre : Another two-for-one. This account features tons of dog photos as well as a sprinkling of other subjects in a wonderfully soft style.


@elvis_gsdexplorer : Check out Elvis as he explores Minnesota. I'm a sucker for outdoor dog photos!


@adeerandherfox : Deer is an amazing 16 year old pup who's still adventuring with her pal Jasper!


@woofwaglove : This is a great photo of Charlotte, but you have to check out the rest of her pack! 


@robinventures : Another awesome adventure pup! Robin lives in California and these photos show off the variety of this incredible state.


@sputziepit : A sweet Portland Pit with gorgeous photos and an amazing collar store too!


@dakotacattledog : Another adorable cattle dog with fantastic photos. I just can't get enough of that happy face!

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