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  • Why You Shouldn't Stop Your Puppy from Biting

    Why You Shouldn't Stop Your Puppy from Biting

    Bite inhibition doesn't mean a dog won't bite. It means when the dog bites, it doesn't cause harm. Bite inhibition is why two dogs can get into a fight at a dog park and walk away with nothing more than a fresh dose of respect for each other's personal space. Because again, dogs hold the power to shatter bone with a single bite. If they wanted to tear each other apart, they could do it in a matter of seconds. 
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  • Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dog Name

    Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dog Name

    Choosing a name has always been one of my favorite parts of welcoming a new dog into the home. The name you pick is often a reflection of your own personality, as well as one of the first connections you’ll make with your pet. It ties them to you, and you to them. I think a lot of people feel weird renaming a dog they've adopted that came with a name. But I actually think in most cases, choosing a new name is a great first step to bonding with your dog. And because dog associate their names with the way...

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    Canine Pack Hunt: Sniffing Out Our Brand Ambassadors


    The Canine Habits Brand Ambassador/Model Program is currently under construction, but please follow us on Instagram for news of current Pack Members and for future searches! If you have questions, send your inquiries to I'm specifically looking for photos from photographers who regularly catch their dogs doing what they do best... whatever that may be!  I'm looking for images that: are high resolution capture movement/action/emotion are preferably in landscape format vs. portrait are not overly edited (and you are ok with me editing them) can be used across Canine Habits marketing platforms  Canine Habits is a brand for canines of all...

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  • Monthly Favorites: Ten Instagram Dogs You Should Be Following

    Monthly Favorites: Ten Instagram Dogs You Should Be Following

    If you're like me, you can never get enough of the amazing photos of dogs on Instagram. We follow their lives and in some ways they feel like an extension of our own family. I've seen friendships form between dog owners who met on IG, and watched complete strangers offer up support and kind words when someone opens up and shares about a hardship. Technology does create a disconnect from the real world, but it also opens up the world in ways it never could have before internet and smartphones.    @thebeauceronboys : Atreyu the Beauceron - a French herding breed and...

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